School Bags

School bags for everyone
Is your child crazy about ninjas, is there a popstar vibe going on in your living room, or is cops and robbers a game your kid likes to play? You find here a large selection of school bag designs, that spark your imagination with well-known play universes from LEGO® NINJAGO®, LEGO® FriendsTM and LEGO® City.

Which style should I choose?
If you are looking for a school bag that is small, wide, soft or stable, then you will find here a wide range of different styles. You can also shop for a full school bag set with additional accessories included. You will find all our school bag sets here. Below you can read more about our recommendations for your choice of school bag.

Your guide to choosing a school bag
You've probably thought a lot about buying a school bag, such as what a good first school bag is or how big it should be. Whether you are looking for a school bag for pre-schooling, nursery school or 2nd-3rd grade, then our recommendation is that you look at the child's body size, rather than age.

You should consider:
•The height of the school bag should fit the child's back, measured from the shoulder line to the waist line plus max 5 cm
•The loaded weight of a filled school bag must not exceed 15% of the child's own weight.

It may be useful for you to choose a lightweight schoolbag. On this page you will find several styles weighing less than 1 kg.

Why ergonomics is important
Starting school is undoubtedly a special event for you as a parent and for your child. Choose carefully a school bag that you know is good for your child's back and that sits well on his/her shoulders.

Recommendations from chiropractors and physiotherapists are that a school bag should follow your child's spine and that the weight should be kept close to the body, so that your child does not use unnecessary muscle power causing back, neck and shoulder discomfort.

If you choose a LEGO school bag, you are guaranteed a strong focus on ergonomics with:

•Adjustable shoulder straps and chest buckle to ensure a tight fit and optimal weight distribution, keeping weight close to the body
•Soft wearing comfort in the padded back panel and wide shoulder straps
•Internal organization so that the heaviest books can be packed closest to the back
•Breathable back panel design or material, allowing air to flow and reduce perspiration

What functionality means for your choice of school bag
On this page you will find school bags in several different sizes and of different volumes. When in doubt about what to choose, think about what needs the bag should meet during your child's day? A small school bag can be just as good as a large one, depending on his/her daily schedule:

•Is your child to bring its own lunch box? If so, it is a good idea to have a thermo-insulated pocket that keeps food fresh for longer.
•Does your child have sport practice during the day? If so, you may want to choose a larger sports bag to accompany the school bag - see our selection of sports bags or shop a school bag set.
•Is your child to bring a computer or tablet to school? If so, it’s recommended that you choose a bag with padded compartments for the purpose.

All of our school bags have 360-degree reflective elements, to ensure visibility from all four angles for increased safety for your child in traffic.

Why you should choose a LEGO School Bag
You are in good hands when choosing a school bag from Grown Up Licenses, who for more than 15 years has specialized in developing good school bags through its own design, production and distribution of LEGO school bags. If you value fit, road safety, functionality and quality highly, then a LEGO school bag is a good buy for you.

Quality you can trust
LEGO school bags are free of PVC, phthalates and AZO dyes and are produced under the European REACH regulation. The material is dirt and water resistant.
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