The essential starter set
Here you will find suggested set solutions for school starters including both bag and accessories. A wide assortment of several different school bag styles and set options of pencil case, sports bag, water bottle, lunch box or gym bag. Shop it all together with just a single click to the shopping cart.

A school bag kit for him & her
You'll find plenty of design options for both boys and girls with dragons, flowers, cars and stars, in countless colour combinations. All designs have a reference to well-known LEGO brands. If your child is a LEGO®NINJAGO, LEGO® Friends or LEGO® City fan, then you have come to the right place.

Many styles to choose from
You can choose between small, large, wide and soft school bag styles. Which style suits your child, depends mostly on his/her height compared to their age. You find here school bags for children primarily aged 6-10. See below for your style selection:

•Measure your child from the shoulder line to the waist line. The height of your chosen school bag must match this dimension, plus a maximum of 5 cm.
•The weight of your chosen style is important for your child, as a loaded school bag should weigh max 15% of the child's total weight. You will find several lightweight styles on this site, with a bag weight of less than 1 kg.

Ergonomic principles shape the styling
You will find, in this shop, a wide assortment of styles with a special focus on ergonomics, so that you can safely choose a school bag that fits well on your child's back and is comfortable to carry. Choose a LEGO school bag, if you think ergonomics are important. You get:

•Adjustable shoulder straps with sternum buckle to ensure that your child can adjust the fit tightly to the body and that the weight distribution is optimal
•Padded back panels and shoulder straps that are wide, will ensure a soft and comfortable wear for your child when he/she bikes or walks to school.
•Organizing features in the bag so that your child can easily pack heavy books closest to the back. Keeping the weight close to the body optimizes the comfort of your child and he / she does not have to use unnecessary muscle power.
•The material or design of the back panel is breathable and ensures that air flows through and reduces perspiration

What is the bag to be used for?
You can choose from school bags of different volume (L) and thus size. The bag and accessories that suit your child depend on the need they are to cover. A large school bag can fit both a child in pre-school and second grade. Look at your child's everyday life and school schedule and assess the need for space and pockets:

•A thermo-insulated pocket can be good if your child needs to bring lunch.
•An extra sports bag may be needed if your child practices sports both at school and after school. Several of the styles on this page come with a large sports bag. You will find an extra selection of single sports bags here.
•A padded compartment for a tablet or laptop is an advantage, if your child needs to bring a computer or iPad to school.

LEGO school bags have reflective elements on all 4 sides of the bag so there is high visibility in traffic regardless of the angle. The material of both school bags and accessories is water and dirt repellent which makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth.

A quality you can count on
You should choose a LEGO school bag if fit, traffic safety, quality and functionality are of importance to you. The bags, pencil cases and other accessories are free of PVC, phthalates and AZO dyes and manufactured according to the European REACH regulation.
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